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Alfredo (Rick) Franco
US Marine Corps

Rick Franco knows the value of camaraderie and leadership, representing Four Branches Bourbon like a true founder. He's got a firm grip on the reins, handling legal, financial, and compliance aspects, while keeping an eye out for co-branding opportunities. 

Rick's dynamic career includes serving as a Marine Infantry Officer, a CIA protective contractor and as an Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection contractor. Post-contracting, Rick was COO for Heroes and Horses, a veteran non-profit based in Montana. Currently, he serves as Director of Safety and Security for the Troubadour Club in Tennessee.

Behind the Branches
Rick's Connection 

The idea is a germination of seeds planted 20 years ago when I recruited and vouched for Greg to come on the program with the CIA.  The idea came to me as I was driving home from work, wanting to do a barrel of bourbon to remember and commemorate the fallen GRS agents from when I was a contractor. Greg and his family were my impetus to honor the "unsung shadows".

Behind the branches Rick's connections

A LOOK BACK  |  Rick's Memories & Reflections

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