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Four Branches Bourbon Co-Founder Harold Underdown Signature

Harold Underdown
US Navy

Harold Underdown (aka Dog) is a co-founder of Four Branches Bourbon, where he brings his 30-year career as a Master Chief Naval Special Warfare (SEAL) to the company. As a former Navy SEAL Command Master Chief and VP of the UDT/SEAL Association, Harold leads Four Branches Bourbon's efforts to support special operations veterans and causes. He manages collaboration ventures and giveback initiatives, promoting the company's message of Drink Honorably. Currently, Harold is working onboard at Baker's Bay Golf and Ocean Club in the Bahamas as a Security Training Consultant for logistics, safety, and security. He's always down for a good pour and cigar, fishing, shooting, and anything outdoors. Go Navy!

Behind the Branches
Harold's Connection 

Upon retiring from the US Navy in 2015, I gained a newfound perspective on what truly matters in life - spending quality time with family and friends, reflecting on the past and looking ahead to the future. As I have progressed through this new phase of my life, I have come to appreciate these aspects even more. Joining this special brand that pays homage to our military and veteran community presents a unique opportunity that aligns perfectly with my values and priorities: cherishing family and friends, staying engaged, and sharing personal experiences.

Four Branches Bourbon founders Rick and Harold share a laugh with cigar and glass_edited.p

A LOOK BACK  |  Harold's Memories & Reflections

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